Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa

  • Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the whole world, standing at 2722 feet. The Burj Khalifa initially called the Burj Dubai, which is the mega tall skyscraper since 2008. But is that the only reason for the building being a spot of major tourist attraction? Actually no! There are more reasons than the very obvious history of its height.  
  • Burj Khalifa is not just a building because it has an inspiring story to tell. The people of Dubai take pride with Burj Khalifa as it emphasizes on chasing your dreams and pursuing them. 
  • The sites that talk about Burj Khalifa state that every storey in it has a story for itself.  
  • There are two observation decks in the building one on the 124th floor and the other on the 148th floor.  The view that you get from the top most floor in Burj Khalifa is once in a life time experience. The overall view is so scintillating and it gives you a rush that you rarely experience.  
  • It is at Burj Khalifa where even simple things can excite you to the core. There is this elevator that travels at a speed of 10 meters per second and you reach your destination in no time. 
  • The sunset followed by the beautiful view that you get when the day gets dark will never fade off your memory.   
  • Dubai is the cradle of the best and the biggest malls in the world. The first thing your eye catches from the deck is the shopping mall that is hailed as the world’s largest.  
  • The Burj Khalifa tour culminates at this impressive aquarium which retains the joy that you had in this whole experience.  

Other interesting facts: 

  • Burj Khalifa holds 7 seven world records so far, for its height, structure, elevator and what not. It is the best at almost everything it shelters inside. 
  • The water and electricity consumption is simply humongous. They say numbers that you would never even want to imagine.  
  • The building must also be holding a record for the number of elevators in it. This one building has about 54 elevators, with every single one of them used to their fullest capacities. 
  • The basement of Burj Khalifa is as strong as 100000 adult elephants. It must be quite a building.