Miami is a port city situated on the Atlantic coast of South Florida in the United States of America. Miami is one of the major tourist attraction spots in the world. A large population flocks to the city to spend a vacation, you can speak about for years. If you are looking forward to spending a beautiful holiday with your family, the best choice would be Miami. Not convinced yet? Then we will list the reasons for why Miami is a great holidaying spot and then you can decide for yourself.  


Reasons to spend your vacation at Miami: 

  • Miami is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy the same pleasant weather almost all throughout the year. The weather so beautifully balanced that tourists from the cold regions and hot regions can find solace alike.  
  • Food is one thing that makes you feel great at the end of the day. Miami is one destination where there are hundreds of restaurants, and the best thing is every single eatery is as good as the other. 
  • Miami is known for the beautiful beaches with white sandy coastlines. But what’s more exciting is that you can simply turn these pretty spots into your workout zone, and they are absolutely ok with it.  
  • You are blessed if you can get a chance to witness Miami’s sun go down. This is one of the beautiful things you will ever get to see. 
  • And finally if you are a party animal then you have clubs that are active all night long, you can simply continue to party till you kill the animal inside. 

We strongly believe that we have attracted you enough. Now that you are convinced to visit Miami, it’s time to know what you must see there.  

Handpicked destinations that you must visit without fail: 

Art Deco District:

Even if you hate histories, right from the days of your schooling try to pay at least a quick visit to the Art Deco, you will simply fall in love with the way in which the history of Miami is lying behind those artistic glass panels.  


Before giving specific names, you must know that beaches are quite special when it comes to Miami. Because the white sandy coastal lines that you get to only in the films are shot in the shores of these beaches in Miami. You can either go to the Miami Beach or the South beach. But since you are visiting the Art Deco District, the South beach is close by. So decide depending on what your schedule permits.   

Bayside Marketplace:

A holiday is never perfect without draining your wallet. So for the shopaholics out there, this humble market is no mall, but it can give all that you ask for. Bayside Marketplace attracts both locals and tourists alike. 

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:

Yes, it is yet another place that has something to do with the history and heritage of Miami. But your vacation will go pointless if you do not check this off your list. The artworks preserved inside and the architecture of the building that holds it will simply make your jaw drop in utter admiration. 

Zoo Miami:

Zoo Miami is one place that shelters more than 2000 wild animals. The tricky part is that there are no cages to contain these animals they roam around and have fun. The tourists are allowed to interact with them and take them for free rides. The place is small, but the joy inside knows no boundaries.