If you are going on an underwater ride with the all the apparatus that supports your breathing activities, without having you to hold your breath or breathe under the pressure of the surface, then it is called scuba diving. Scuba diving is done both for profession and recreation.  Though scuba diving is all exciting and nice to see, it cannot be done without undergoing professional training and adequate practice. All scuba divers irrespective of what the purpose is, they should hold a certificate from the any of the diver certification organisations. These organisations make sure that these divers are skilled enough to handle dangerous manoeuvres and other emergency situations.  

scuba diving

Best places for scuba diving: 

Anacapa Island, California

This is the best spot when it comes to diving, however, if you are not someone who can take too much of cold then this is not your place because the water can freeze you to death even in the peak summer. You can expect to see rubbles and tiny shipwrecks to explore and sea lions and seals to have fun with. 

Eilat, Israel

Diving is relatively easy in the Red Sea. That is why we specifically chose the Israel. With bearable cold underwater, you have great visibility up to 100 feet as the sea has little to no currents. We just do know where to start because you can expect to see all that you and still find something more than that down here. 

Darwin Island, Galapagos

The Darwin Island is a home for more than 20% of the marine beings. If it has 20% of what the whole world contains, then divers can see almost all underwater species. You get to see sea lions, penguins, golden rays, turtles, whale sharks, eagle rays and what not. List all the exciting underwater beasts and strike them one by one as you see.  

Few tips for the beginners: 

  • Look for the best diving school that can teach you all that you have to know about diving.  
  • Sometimes more than your efficacy, acting with the presence of mind is more important. Being spontaneous is possible only when you keep your confidence levels high. Be sure of what you are doing, and the rest will automatically fall into place. 
  • The other reason why people lose confidence is that they get an estranged feeling when they are under water and find it hard to gain comfortability. 
  • Place safety on the top of your list. Make sure that you have taken all precautionary measures before you dive-in. Stay connected and do not be a rebel. 
  • It is better to check your health conditions before you get to dive. Make sure that you are physically fit to involve in such activities.